Placement Services

Itronix Solution offers Placement Services to all its eligible students who have registered for the facility and have successfully completed the assigned program.
The Eligibility norms specify that the student should be a graduate and have obtained a minimum percentage 70% in all Tests.

Itronix Solution offers assistance in:

  1. Providing Career Guidance and Placement Preparation Sessions
  2. Placement
  3. Arrange / assigned interviews with prospective employers based on their skill levels, aptitude and career aspirations
  4. Itronix Solution Placement Division (ISPD) liaisons with the prospective hiring organization till the actual placement takes place. The ISPD negotiates on behalf of the prospective employee with the industry for the best terms and conditions.
Itronix Solution has already introduced its Training programs on Embedded Linux, Linux Device Drivers & RTOS and has aggressive plans for the future. Itronix Solution has also targeted the corporate sector. Many corporates are already taking Embedded Linux, Linux Device Drivers & RTOS training from us while talks are in progress with others. Adding that the prospects of students trained in this space is excellent because many organizations are moving towards embedded technologies, but are finding very few trained people. In today’s scenario all companies are very tightly scheduled on their projects and cannot waste time on re-training the manpower. It is albeit imperative for the courses to be industry specific. For this, all courses are designed as per industry requirements so that no retraining is required later.
Itronix Solution has close contacts with the industry; this places Itronix Solution at an advantage when it comes to facilitating suitable placements for successful students.
Selections are usually based on merit and the candidate’s potential to do well in the industry.
Itronix Solution makes all efforts to arrange campus interviews with our clients and provide suitable placements for its students. However, this is dependent on industry conditions. Itronix Solution students stand a better chance of obtaining a good job due to the given kind of training he or she gets here.

We encourage students to look at the course as a stepping-stone to success rather than as a shortcut to a job.