EJB 2 Industrial Training

Enterprise JavaBeans Architecture

  1. Why Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB)
  2. EJB Design Goals
  3. EJB Fundamentals
  4. Proxy Pattern
  5. Enterprise JavaBeans Workflow
  6. How do Enterprise JavaBeans Work
  7. EJB Roles

Remote vs. Local EJB

  1. The Bean Implementation, Remote and Local Business Interface
  2. Remote home and component interface definitions
  3. Local home and component interface definitions
  4. EJB Context

Developing Session Beans

  1. Defining Stateless and Stateful Session Beans
  2. EJB Container and bean pool management
  3. Lifecycle of Stateless and Stateful Session Beans
  4. Session Beans guidelines

Developing Entity Beans

  1. Entity Beans concepts
  2. Entity Bean and primary key
  3. Entity Bean’s home and component interface
  4. Entity bean’s lifecycle
  5. Container-Managed Persistence (CMP)
  6. A complete CMP example

Developing EJB Applications

  1. Enterprise Bean’s Environment
  2. Service Locator Pattern
  3. Data Transfer Object Pattern
  4. Session Facade Pattern
  5. When to Use, Coarse-Grained Business Interfaces, Session Facade, Transaction

Container-Managed Relationships

  1. Types of relationship
  2. Defining relationships
  3. Container-managed relationship (CMR) field
  4. Relationship and assignment semantics
  5. Deployment descriptors for CMR
  6. A complete CMR example

EJB Query Language

  1. Overview of EJB QL
  2. Abstract schema and query domains
  3. Select clause
  4. From clause
  5. Where clause

Advanced CMP 2.0 Topics

  1. Ejb Select Methods
  2. Home Methods

Developing BMP Entity Beans

  1. Overview of Bean Manager Persistence
  2. Lifecycle of BMP beans
  3. Implementing BMP lifecycle methods
  4. Data Access Object (DAO) pattern
  5. Abstract factory for DAOs
  6. Using Data Access Object (DAO) pattern to implement BMP

Introduction to Java Message Service (JMS)

  1. Overview of enterprise messaging
  2. Point-to-point and publish-subscribe messaging styles
  3. JMS administered objects
  4. JMS application development

Developing Message-Driven Beans

  1. Message-Driven Beans and JMS destination
  2. Client view of MDB
  3. MDB lifecycle
  4. Message Listener interface
  5. Message Driven Context interface
  6. Deployment descriptors for MDB
  7. MDB with JCA resource adapter

EJB Timer Service

  1. Overview of Timer Service
  2. Timer Service APIs
  3. Programming with Timer Service


  1. Overview of EJB Transaction
  2. Container-Managed Transaction
  3. Bean-Managed Transactions
  4. Transaction Isolation Level
  5. Transactional Stateful Session Beans
  6. Exceptions and Transactions

EJB Security

  1. Overview of EJB security
  2. Security roles
  3. Security role references
  4. Method permissions
  5. Object level security
  6. Security context