Career Awareness Program (CAP) is a one-of-a-kind discussion forum on the various career paths and job roles in different spaces like Electronics, Electrical, Networking, Mechanical, Android, JAVA, PHP, Web Development, Digital Marketing etc. The program is designed to create awareness on the various job roles and the market trends helping the candidates take informed decisions about their career.

How will the session help you:


There are over numerous career paths in the field of  Electronics itself. Do you know which are they? And how many of them can you pursue?

We will help you identify at least 20 job roles in the industry. The session will further help you in understanding,

  • Skill set (technical and otherwise) required for these roles
  • Various verticals that offer these jobs
  • Salary wise growth in each of these roles


Informed Choices

It is relatively easier to identify several right choices. Harder it is to choose one among them.

  • Mapping your skill set with career paths
  • Identify the most viable option from among multiple right choices.




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